23 January, 2010

Canadian Government continues its ATTACK against institutions which promote Christian values

In today's National Post you can find an article about a church in Calgary, Alberta that has been stripped of its Charitable Institution status (allowing it to offer tax receipts for donations) because it has publicly spoken out in support of traditional Christian values on marriage, sexuality and life. This is just one more example of a (tragically) growing body of evidence that Christianity is under attack by the state in Canada.

This story, along with many of the anti-faith comments that accompany the article should chill the soul of any believer (no matter the creed or church) for it proves just how hostile the Canadian government has become to any organization that speaks in opposition to the social experimentation that has afflicted our country since the 1960's. Despite years of promises from politicians that Churches would be protected in their ministries, the facts prove that politicians and bureaucrats cannot be trusted.

I am left to wonder how much longer it will take before Christian will once again be called upon to shed their very blood for the faith. It may be FAR SOONER than we had dared to fear.

Click on the title of this post to be taken to the article in the National Post.


  1. No, we won't be called to shed our blood. What will happen, though, is that we will face huge fines that will cripple us financially, Christians will be barred from certain jobs, we will be persecuted in ways that make it very difficult to live in this society. The persecution will occur, but it will be in a new form.

  2. Julie: Perhaps we can import the "No Catholic Need Apply" signs that Ireland is taking down. The fact that people cannot see that what they condemned during "the troubles" in Ireland, they repeat here today.

    Anti-Catholicism is openly acceptable within every corner of government today. Whenever a state walks down this path of enforcing what is acceptable to believe in the public square, it has led to unimagined horrors. Just as our elder brothers and sisters in faith; the Jews.

    Fr. Tim


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