07 January, 2010

Eleven steps to a better ministry

Every clergyman, priest, deacon or bishop has faced the questions about how to better minister to his flock. There is certainly no shortage of books written on the subject. Yet it is not often that one can find in a simple and concise article an 11 point plan that would work for any of us who find ourselves searching for the direction to take to better make Christ present within our communities than this one written by Todd Lemieux in the pages of the Catholic Exchange website.

Here are his eleven points, pared down into short pithy titles.

1. embrace limits
2. utilize limits
3. begin again
4. dump the ego
5. what is the experience you are creating?
6. tell the story
7. communicate
8. think about the idea
9. be deliberate
10. break the rules
11. pray

Read the article to discover what each means. It might just help some of us find our way to better minister and make present the Good Shepherd to those for whom we have taken the responsibility to pastor.


  1. Father Carapi's forceful, faithful and confident voice seems to work with Catholics and noncatholics.
    Do priests and laity need to get stronger in their faith to attract more?

  2. RuralRite: You are probably correct. But I think a better way to put this is to say that priests and laity need to readjust their faith so that they are not afraid to share it outside the walls of the church!

    For many (priests included) the desire to be accepted and liked by everyone is stronger than their desire to share the "good news" of Jesus Christ.

    Fr. Tim


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