02 July, 2011

What the Hell? (I’m Kidding on the Title) | The Integrated Catholic Life

Time and again, as I go about the work of evangelization, I encounter from both believers and non-believers, a fierce objection to the doctrine of Hell. In its most radical form, it runs something like this: how could a God who is described as infinitely good create, sustain, and send people to a place of everlasting torment? Many people have directed my attention to a video done some years ago by the comedian George Carlin, a former Catholic. In front of a deeply sympathetic audience, Carlin exposes what he takes to be the silly inconsistency of Catholic belief: “for one mortal sin (usually having to do with sex), God will condemn you to a place where you will suffer forever in unbearable pain…but yet,” the comedian goes on in a mocking voice, “He looooves you!” Judging from their hysterical reaction, the audience can’t get enough of this. One wonders whether Carlin doesn’t have a point. Perhaps we ought simply to jettison this horrifying and apparently illogical doctrine, this superstitious holdover from a primitive time. Well, I would suggest, not so fast.

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What the Hell? (I’m Kidding on the Title) | The Integrated Catholic Life


  1. if there is a Heaven for those who strive to respond to God's outpouring of love for us and whose life is a "Yes my Lord to every word you speak" it is only logical that there must be a place for those who, like the disciples said "this is a hard saying and walked with Him no more"...the nomenclature of this place is not important ...the reality is that one chooses to live apart from God for all eternity...a God who laid down His life for us. HE knew our weakness and gave us the sacrament of reconciliation to make it so we can ALWAYS to return to Him
    if here is no hell then living a morally good life makes no sense since the reward is the same for everybody..if u break the law of the land u are punished...why would anybody think that breaking God's law should have no negative consequence.

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