19 July, 2011

Irish priests will refuse to break seal of confession if proposal becomes law :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

I should hope so!! Priest may NEVER breech the seal of the confessional. We do not ever discuss such matters, even between ourselves as priests. It is a forbidden topic of conversation.

Irish priests will refuse to break seal of confession if proposal becomes law :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)


  1. "“When a person confesses in the confessional box, the priest would not normally know who they are..."

    Unless the penitant uses a voice distortion gimmick, I think that's untrue. Blind people can easily discern which person of their acquaintance is speaking, so why can't priests?

    "He noted that the prime minister’s bill also fails to address implications for other professions..."

    Not true. Doctors are required by law to report incidents of gunshot or knife wounds. Lawyers are required to report criminal activity of which they have knowledge. And accountants are required to do the same. Anyone else?

    Where this is heading is a battle to decide whose authority is stronger: the church's or the state's. Place your bets...

  2. Anonymous20 July, 2011

    Modern day Antigone. Nothing new under the sun.

  3. Lady Janus: You are assuming that we know all of our parishioners voices! I serve over 5000 people in my parish and our diocese has among the smallest average population per parish in the country. Sure, if someone comes every week (a RARE bird these days) I would be able to associate voice with person.

    Lawyers, doctors, therapists and clergy have all enjoyed the right of privilege in our communications with our 'clients' for a good reason. In this battle of Church vs State, my money is on the Church.

    Fr. Tim

    P.S. Soap socks arrive this morning in the mail. Thank you very much!!

  4. Ah. Yes, for some reason, I figured every church would be like the local ones, catering to a pretty small band of regulars with the occasional wild card thrown in for flavor. ;D

    Good to know the SoapSox arrived! I hope the colors are to your liking.


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