14 July, 2011


Today is the day for voting for Mattawa to be a recipient of a TSN visit and broadcast and a prize of $25,000 towards are goal of building a free water park for kids. Click on the link below and vote before 11:59 AM tomorrow (Friday) to help our town. We have to compete against Pembroke, Ontario, a city 100 miles to the east of us. They have a population of 15,000 (30,000 including Petawawa which is just a few miles to their west) whereas Mattawa is a town of 2000 with about another 2,000 in the neighboring townships that surround it. Mattawa is going through some very tough times with the collapse of the forest industry. The two mills that were the employers in town have permanently shut their doors throwing all of their employees out of work. It is going on two years now with no work and still no future employers on the horizon. The only way that we'll be able to realize our goal of building this water park is if we will this competition... an accomplishment that will give families a free place to enjoy the summer weather - a gift of great value in these depressed times.

Please, please, please... vote often (there seems to be no upper limit of number of times you can vote) for Mattawa and help us win this David and Goliath contest with our bigger eastern neighbors.

Thank you.

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  1. it is great..u can vote as often as u want:))

  2. Anonymous15 July, 2011

    Voted many times



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