07 July, 2011

Celli denies Wikileaks: "We are technological at the Vatican ..." - Vatican Insider

So, Your Excellency, it is not true therefore that the Vatican is a bit antiquated with regards to technology?
«A certain image wants the Vatican as a closed world, or even "antiquated" as you mentioned. Reality is quite different, because even if rather small, the state employs state-of-the-art technologies in all the fields required. An example might suffice: the extension of solar panels from which the Vatican derives the energy it needs. In the field of communications, computers - all types - have long since replaced typewriters, and I do not think there is, proportionately, such a large extent and use of the Internet as in the Vatican». 

According to Wikileaks dispatches however, Father Lombardi was the only one with a Blackberry... ...

«At times we face, slightly fictional realities. Father Lombardi uses his "Blackberry" and, above all uses his art to communicate well. I would say that especially in this sense he is at the forefront. For the rest I would say there is good and crowded company».

Wikileaks also speaks of technophobe Cardinals who do not understand modern media. Only a few, we read in the dispatches, have an email. Is that so? 

«I personally know of cardinals and bishops who use new technologies with great ease. Some have given a strong boost also at the ministry level. The e-mail addresses of senior prelates have become increasingly numerous, and sometimes also appear in the Vatican telephone directory. The same internal Holy See communications now travel by computer».

Read the entire article by clicking on the following link.
Celli denies Wikileaks: "We are technological at the Vatican ..." - Vatican Insider

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