11 July, 2011

And now a statement from the 'other side' of the Medjugorje debate

Here is an article that offers a counter position to the Medjugorje story that preceded this one.  I have never been there. I have read very little about it. It is not a part of my Marian piety or practice. I have little or no opinion on the subject... and there's no shortage of opinion to be found on the subject.

I offer this because a gentleman emailed me with a concern about my posting the initial story from the UK Mail. I trust he will accept that this article portrays the other side of the argument well.

Fr. Tim


  1. I"m getting the same concern...

  2. Thanks, Fr Tim. You’re right in saying that there is no shortage of opinion about Medjugorje. Thank God the Holy See is also deliberating on the phenomenon with the Commission it set up a year ago. It’s a place that attracts many priests, and there are hundreds of priests and religious that have provided documentation to present to the Commission testifying to the vocation they received through Medjugorje. For the 30th celebrations last month (June 25) 282 priests concelebrated Mass that evening.

    By the way, I live in the U.K. and I can testify that the UK Daily Mail is not the best friend of the Catholic Church.


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