13 July, 2011

No Accountability or Transparency in Ontario

This link will take you to a blog written by a parent after his daughter died 24 hrs after being discharged from an Ontario hospital in the G.T.A. He has asked other bloggers from Ontario to help him to get the government to properly investigate what occurred so as to spare another family from the grief and pain that has befallen them. Check out his website and offer a word of encouragement - or better yet, take up your virtual 'pen' and join him in his campaign.

No Accountability or Transparency in Ontario


  1. This is not at all comforting. It's not supposed to be.

    I've learned a whole lot about "medicine" as it is practiced here and about. If you don't know what you're sick with, and how to treat it, you may well not get the care you need. If you DO know where to look for answers, you're still reliant on doctors who may well not appreciate your lack of qualifications and disagree with you on principle.

    We are in a bad way...

  2. Thank you for post this. I really appreciate it. All Ontario citizens should be made aware of how impossible it is to find transparency and accountability. They only discover if after a tragedy occurs. If only they could take action now by contacting their MPP and demanding the Provincial Government take away the Complaints responsibility away from the College of Physicians and Surgeons. They won't put patient safety and Ontario citizens first as they are supposed to do, but instead do all they can to protect the surgeons/doctors. Their right to self-regulation is an abuse to all.


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