06 July, 2011

A few more religious order jokes about priests. Always a good thing to be able to laugh at ourselves. It's a sign of mental health!!

A brother priest sent along few more punchlines about the reputation of some of our religious order brothers. They put a smile on my face. If you're at all familiar with the greater Catholic community, I think they'll do the same for you.

I got a kick out of your posting of Jesuit jokes on your blog. Another set of jokes has to do with the Jesuits’ and Basilians’ reputation as poor liturgists. This reputation (myth?) has occasioned a number of one-liners:

“He was as lost as a Jesuit in Holy Week.”

“A good Jesuit liturgy is one where nobody gets hurt.”

“A good Basilian liturgy is one where everyone in the sanctuary has a place to sit down.”


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