03 February, 2011

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"The comment box in the blogosphere, or combox, is the wild wild west of the internet.  In the combox you can and will meet all kinds of strange and wondrous characters.
The combox in the Catholic interwebs has its own cast of characters.  I suspect that your average Catholic blog reader probably has never, or very rarely, left a comment on a post.  They read what you have to say and if you are really, really lucky, they might think about it for a moment. Those are the readers.  Commenters are a different ball of wax.  Commenters, and you know who you are, have opinions and they…well they have opinions.
Having been around the Catholic blogging game for a few years now, certain easily identifiable personality types emerge in the combox.  I hear tale that there are those who have actually read your entire post and write to make a cogent and civil point to add to the discussion.  I hear tales of these commenters—and unicorns.  Unicorns mostly.  Although I am quite sure that this description will apply to everyone who comments on this post.  Quite sure. ;-)"  .....

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Personalities Of The Catholic Combox | Blogs | NCRegister.com


  1. Reading the comments on that article, I really got a laugh out of this one. But its so true.

    "There’s some sort of online personality that perpetuates a type of “Catholic Godwin’s Law” (As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin’s_law)
    The Catholic version is that as any Catholic discussion grows longer, a mention of “pedophile priests” approaches"


  2. "From Paul...
    ...The Catholic version is that as any Catholic discussion grows longer, a mention of “pedophile priests” approaches".

    Remember those buzz-words that put clergy abuse victims over the edge:

    Let It Go. Pray About It. Forgive & Forget.

  3. Hi Lina

    I understand what you're saying but its not the point of the poster was trying to make. He's not saying it shouldn't be talked about, simply that it always eventually comes up in any argument concerning the church.
    The topic of the discussion could be Parish fundraising and someone will eventually make a remark about pedophilia. Much like people do online when making Nazi analogies against people they don't agree with.


  4. perhaps i am a majority of 1 but i am fed up with the SMALL percent of the clergy always creeping into every subject... 2 Popes have apologized and , where required in justice, the Church is compensating the victims...give it a rest...the Church has made horrific mistakes but we need to move on...our lives including our speech should only be for the honor and glory of God ...perhaps we need to post some of the good deeds of the majority of our clergy whose lives continually reflect Jesus to us

  5. Hi Paul,

    I did re-read the article.

    I do get what your saying.

  6. MaryG.

    I respect your point of view even though I disagree with you that it is only a small percentage.

    You are not taking into account the large amount of clergy, church officials who knew about the crimes but did not help but only covered them up in so many different ways.

    I share the same views as Sylvia which she shared with this person Josie on January 25, 2011


    Sylvia said:

    I am a Roman Catholic who believes, that, among other things:

    (1) Roman Catholics have a right to know which of their priests are known sexual predators.

    (2) Bishops should not wilfully place children at risk.

    (3) the emotional and spiritual damage done to those who are sexually abused by a priest is

    (4) victims of clerical sexual predators are frequently re-victimized by Church officials and
    by lawyers retained by those officials.

    (5) the cover-up of clerical sexual abuse and the protection of predatory priests must come
    to an end.

    (6) priest who are known sexual predators must be laicized (defrocked).


  7. Lina
    i agree with all of that...i agree that the Church messed up big time and i also believe that many of the Bishops and Cardinals should be sharing a jail cell the the priests. Having said that i am sure precautions are in place now and the Church is doing what it can to rectify the disgraceful position it is in. I also think that people need to remember that the validity of the sacraments does not depend on the whether or not the priest is in the state of grace. i do agree that if an accusation is made he should be IMMEDIATELY suspended and, if convicted, should be laicized. I think we need to be very careful that all who say they were victims were in fact victims and not just looking for easy money and that daily we need to pray for the victims and the offenders.

  8. A well written post MaryG.

    I do write from my own experiences. Like a priest, I found out that took his own life because he was linked to young boys.

    I understand I may say some things & then give my own interpretations, the way I see it.

    I learned first hand what happens to a victim (of clergy abuse,) that doesn't get help, but keeps stuff buried inside him & what is does to the family & to himself. Thank God, nobody in my cousin's family died.

    Now & then throughout years my own Mom would make this statement to me like; "just because they (priests) wear a collar they are no different than us."

    I finally asked her one day ..'what's the matter, Ma?' she would not give me details she only said I needed to remember not to trust priests fully & I promised I would remember what she told me.

    Even though I tried to help my Mom to talk about what she meant by some statements she said to me, she keep saying nothing is the matter, she then continued to say..some things you just take to the grave.

    I was not to talk about this to my brothers.

    Way after my mother died. My husband said that
    my mother made a choice that was right for her. So I had to move on & not feel it was my fault because I couldn't get through to her to get help. Once I even gave her a phone number to call to get help but she decided not to call.

    As for me I eventually tried somewhat to understand her mood swings, depression, the drinking problem. She loved her Catholic faith eventhough she didn't like the Sacrament of Confession (Reconciliation).

    I know my Mom loved me. I believe she did not realize how much she use to scare me & see the rippling effects of those actions of hers. I kept so many painful things buried deep down inside me but I eventually chose to get help. Thank God I did.

    Mary...maybe that is one of many reasons I do have such a soft spot in my heart for the clergy abuse victims.

    I will share this quote with you:

    *It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, (protecting its sanity), covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But, it is never gone.*

    by...Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy



  9. Lina
    Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure that was not an easy thing to do but it will help those of us who have, by the grace of God, only encountered good priests, to be more understanding of the victims. I am sure such horrific experiences changed who those little ones were. Your Mother was such a loving and caring woman...may we all learn from her and may God grant her soul His peace.

  10. Thank you Mary.


  11. Lina: Just a note - I think I know the priest you are speaking about who committed suicide. I want to point out that the rumored allegations about him stem from years before he was a priest and did not occur after his ordination. At least no allegation was made by anyone that post-dates his becoming a priest.

    It's a small point, and maybe I'm just getting a little thin skinned about these crimes, but I just wanted to point out that he was not a predator priest... at worst he was a predator that became a priest.

    Fr. Tim

  12. This priest did take his life because one of your brother priest said so. Remember, that brother priest gave that info out eventhough he said he shouldn't have. I made the mistake of telling you the name of that brother priest. I knew I made an error because that was why you saw fit not to print that post of mine at your site. I understand why, no hard feelings.

    This doesn't have nothing to do with young boys but I will share this tidbit what I did find out about this priest.

    He was on a bus trip with some elderly folks (during his stay at St.Columbkille's Cathedral in Pembroke.)They all went to Quebec on a religious pilgrimage. They were all staying over night in a motel.

    The people had a busy day. But this priest decides the night is still young.

    During the day he wore his collar but that same day at night somewhat he didn't seem to think it was that important to wear his collar.

    This priest wanted to go into this special nightclub. This Grey nun didn't think it was proper for her to enter this nightclub because she believe she wasn't exactly dress for it, anyway she was wearing her Crucifix. He said she was fine & he encouraged her to just take her cross & tuck it inside her blouse. She did do as he suggested.

    Fr. Tim, I do not trust a priest who asks a nun to hide her cross inside her blouse.

    I destroyed all my notes & data I put together about this priest because it was part of my healing process. This priest is dead, no viable proof, no victims (so far) & I needed to move on for the sake of my own physical & mental health & for my family's sake.

    For the longest time I was very angry, confused & I blame this priest & Monsignor Robert Borne & other naughty priests because I believe they were the ones, it was their actions that help bring forward the bad memories from my past into present for me to remember that I was molested when I was 9yrs.old. Like I said before, all I went through was part of my healing process.

    Fr. Tim, even if some of these suppose victims of this priest ever came forward probably nobody in the Pembroke Diocese will believe them. Many folks that I spoke to throughout the years about him are dead or are old & have poor memories now. I also knew a St. Joseph nun that knew this priest & supported this priest & all of the sudden she did not want to talk about him. I do not blame this ill bed stricken nun, only God knows what hell this priest must have put her through.

    I hope this priest is at peace alright & if there are some victims out there..I pray they are getting good help.


  13. "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

    And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty."

    2 Corinthians ch6 vs17, 18

    My belief is that a person should come out of the RC system. It is not a biblical system. People who stay in it are only putting their hopes in a false religious system. I know some here will disagree and consider it as uncharitable or offensive to say so, but true love for people requires that truth must be told above all else. Jesus said thy word is truth (Holy Scriptures). I believe the system is deceiving the people and giving them a false hope.

    "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life." John 5:24

    "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Chirst, whom thou hast sent." John 17:3

  14. "This priest did take his life because one of your brother priest said so."

    Lina, nobody said any different. I don't understand the point of your comment. Any of it.

  15. Lady Janus I'm sorry you don't understand my post or what I'm trying to say.

    Nothing surprises me about what comes out of the Vatican or from out of my own area Diocese. I am starting not to care big time.

    I DO care deeply for justice for the clergy abuse victims/survivors.

    If things do not change for me in the next little while. I will not be a Roman Catholic by the end of the year.

    You can say....I'm losing my religion.

    It may be I'm just mirage, a trick of the mind.


  16. Lina,

    Check this book out online. It is free and can be read right at this website. It is called "The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional".

    This book proves beyond any doubt the RC confessional is not of God.


    "to be forced to unveil their hearts before the eyes of a man, to open to him all the most secret recesses of their souls, all the most sacred mysteries of their single or married life, to allow him to put to them questions which the most depraved woman would never consent to hear from her vilest seducer, is often more horrible and intolerable than to be tied on burning coals."

  17. Small Town Guy..I will take a look at that book at that website.

    As for the confessional many Catholics do share somewhat the same attitude as other Christian faiths do.

    Many years ago I knew this Catholic lady who was getting married to another Catholic. Before the marriage took place she told the priest she hadn't went to confession in some time & furthermore she did not feel the need to go because she did not believe in it.

    This Catholic priest told her "don't worry about not going to Confession."

    She found out years later this same priest who married her & her husband left the priesthood. He did leave the priesthood the correct way & with Roman Catholic Church's permission to leave so he could to marry a woman he loved.

    I don't think this man who was a priest way back then was not that big on the Sacrament of Confession either. (Now call the Sacrament of Reconciliation.)

    This ex-priest was at: 'The Church of The Most Holy Name of Jesus, Pembroke ON.'

    This is the same church where the accused Monsignor Robert Borne hails from.

    If there was ever a need for an exorcism to be done at a Catholic Church in the Pembroke Diocese this church, "The Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus" would be a good place to start.
    Just having this on going soap opera about Monsignor Robert Borne is enough to call in a Exorcist.



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