26 February, 2011

US Bishops Note Moral Element of Union Debate

ZENIT - US Bishops Note Moral Element of Union Debate

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  1. While the Bishops should be commended for their concern for the welfare of union workers, they are treading on dangerous ground insofar as they again have not done all their homework. They could rightfully be accused of duplicity, in that Trade Unions are very secular, anti-life organizations. Their support of abortion and same sex marriage needs to be challenged and put into perspective.

    As a 36 year union involved Union member I have see firsthand the immorality of the Trade Union movement. While they need to be commended for original goals, they have long since abandoned the average person, and have stuck their nose into the sociopolitical arena where they have NO expertise, only bias.
    So Bishops, please be careful and do ALL of your homework.



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