17 February, 2011

In Grand Jury's Wake, "We Have Fallen Short"

SIGH... When will the Bishop's finally get it through their heads that they can no longer rely on 'in-house' investigations of sexual abuse allegations. The protocol in Canada and the USA is supposed to include an automatic referral to civil authorities to investigate. Yes, some priests will fall victim to false allegations, but we should have enough faith in the justice system that the names of anyone falsely accused will be cleared.

Besides this, the Church has no one but itself to blame for putting priests in this dangerous position. If the Bishops would have dealt with these issues properly in the first place, innocent priests would not be in such a tenuous position.

It is not the priests who are letting the Church down. It's the Bishops!

Whispers in the Loggia: In Grand Jury's Wake, "We Have Fallen Short"

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