20 February, 2011

Solar goes Hyper in the U.S. | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Solar goes Hyper in the U.S. | MNN - Mother Nature Network

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  1. Father Tim:

    Here I sit in southwest Tucson AZ. Tucson has 350, (yes 350) days of sun each year. Almost every day, the sky is blue from sunup to sundown, though we did have a little rain today (first time in about 45 days).

    If you were going to take advantage of the sun for solar electricity, this would be the place. Yet, I have seen no (ZERO) instances of solar panels in this area, and even up to Phoenix.

    On my drive here, I did see gaggles (flocks?/herds?) of wind turbines from New Mexico through southern Arizona.

    I have been wondering why there is no solar presence here of all places, and why the government is not supporting solar energy here.

    In Ontario (Yours to Recover) the government is throwing money at people to put up solar arrays, and wind turbines and allowing them to pump their generated power back into the grid. In one particular programme that does not make a lot of sense, a man I know signed a contract to put up a solar array and wind turbine, and receives 68 cents a KWH for the power that he generates. He is not allowed to use his own generated power, and so he has to pay the going rate for what he consumes himself in his family home. The going rate for what he buys is about 8 cents per KWH.

    Ontario has about 1/3 the amount of sunshine as here.

    As Led Zeppelin sang in Stairway to Heaven "Ooh, it makes me wonder."


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