14 February, 2011

PM lets Cheryl Gallant walk plank for ‘incomprehensible’ maritime musing - The Globe and Mail

Sad, but once again the local Member of Parliament that represents the majority of the diocese of Pembroke is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. I say it's sad because she is an avid (and usually more capable) defender of the pro-life agenda. Now the local pro-choice advocates are heaping opprobrium on their opponents in this debate by ridiculing them as being associated with other malapropisms. Such are the tides of life in these parts. I take comfort in knowing that the tides may ebb and flow but time marches on towards its ultimate fulfillment in Christ.

Such a perspective helps keep fresh one's hope and energy in these contests in the public square. It speaks to the need for all who argue for the enshrinement in legislation that which our faith teaches to remain personally connected to God, both in His church and individually. This is nourished and sustained best through an active personal prayer life and communal celebrations of faith. It is also sustained by days of peace and quiet such as I am enjoying today. (Monday: the cleric's Sabbath.) I give thanks for the ability to both minister as a priest of Jesus Christ and for the gift of days such as today.

I pray that God inspire and touch the hearts of ALL people involved in these debates. It will do all of us good!

PM lets Cheryl Gallant walk plank for ‘incomprehensible’ maritime musing - The Globe and Mail

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  1. MP Cheryl Gallant did nothing for the pro-life movement. She got no where with any pro-life agenda period.

    Her leader Harper PM, does not want even to discuss the abortion issue.

    Unfortunately that muzzle Harper had on her came off & her TRUE colors came through.

    She's...Reform, Alliance, Progressive Conservative & now Conservative. She is everything the Catholic Church loves & wants, a true bigot that never changed her spots there were just temporarily muzzled.

    At least it will not be a BORING election.


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