22 February, 2011

Australian priests rebel against new Mass | Holy Post | National Post

Some rebellion! A dozen priests out of 1600 don't like the new translation. Too bad boys. It's time to get with the program.

This is not some sort of attempt to stifle the 'aggornamento' (renewal) of Vatican II. It is an expression of the sister imperative, 'resourcement' (connecting to our traditions). In other words, it simply brings the english text into closer harmony with the other languages the church uses as it better reflects the text of the original latin.

Fr. Tim

Australian priests rebel against new Mass | Holy Post | National Post

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  1. "What supporters say is a suitably elevated and poetic text more faithful to the original Latin is seen by detractors as an outdated, contrived and less inclusive version that ignores modern English and could further alienate Catholics from the church."

    Further alienate Catholics? Considering we've been alienating the gospel message, church teaching and tradition for the past 40 years in a failed attempt to appease the lost to no avail, its time to change course. You only need to look where the church is attracting the most vocations these days to get your answer to halt the exodus. Men and women entering the religious life today are drawn in by uncompromised catholicism. Not hippy Jesus or the latest new age fad making the rounds of church basements and retreat houses.



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