21 August, 2010

Three Sayings on Marriage | Archdiocese of Washington

Three Sayings on Marriage | Archdiocese of Washington


  1. Excellent stuff Father.

    I added some of my own thoughts and reposted it.


    God Bless You


  2. I do have a Catholic marriage of over 37 years. I do not know what it is to have my husband pray with me at home. He just doesn't do it, even though now and then I do ask him to pray with me.

    I was the one who taught my children to pray and to prepare them to receive the sacraments. My husband did not interfered.

    It was their mother our children saw at prayer. Eventually, once the children got older they still went to church but sadly they also witness their father not praying at home. I would still invite my children to pray with me but they would slowly respond: 'no Mom, but thanks for asking.'

    My husband and I always went to church for Sunday Mass. To me the biggest prayer I have with my husband is the Mass.

    There are times when we are in bed and in each other arms I pray an Our Father or at times a decade of the Rosary. Sometimes he will ask me why am I smiling? I tell him I love him which is the truth but I leave out the prayer stuff. I do not want to take the chance he may not want to touch me. I do not see it as making a fool of him but sadly I know that is the way he would see it.

    I thank God for my husband.

    My husband never told me this before. This year on our wedding anniversary he said if he had to do it all over again he would still have married me.

    Now that is a treasure I will always carry in my heart.

    I see him as my perfect cross and I'm his perfect cross, but please, do not tell him that. {smiling}



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