09 August, 2010

Taking the summer to reflect upon the beauty of the Mass: The Liturgy of the Word

The Liturgy of the Word is the public telling of the sacred stories of our faith. As a people of Abrahamic faith, we are a people of the written word complied together in the Old and New Testaments.

One of the most beautiful ways to take in the scriptures is to participate in singing them using Gregorian chant. Much of sacred writing is in fact musical lyric and mnemonic rhythms, forms that allowed for easy memorization by populations who for the greater part, were illiterate.

For the next few days, I will post video's which offers different angles on this subject so as to help in reflecting upon how the chanting of scripture can augment our understanding of how God's spirit moves through the telling of His encounters with humanity.

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  1. ty for that posting Father Tim...do u know where we can buy the album?...I hope it will not be just us old people who took Latin as a required subject that will want it


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