04 August, 2010

Selling Jesus Like a Chevy | First Things

Selling Jesus Like a Chevy | First Things


  1. I usually try to avoid engaging with proselytizers, unless I'm in a nasty mood. I don't understand the propensity some people have for thinking that if they believe something, they have the right to try and make everyone believe it!

    When it comes to faith, I have a simple approach: if you got it, good for you. But keep it out of my range unless and until I specifically ask for it. And at the ripe old age of mumblety-mumble, I've pretty much got all the basics, thankyouverymuch. If I haven't bought it by now, it ain't never gonna happen.

    I guess I have a difficult time with the terminology, too. "Sharing?" I don't "share" my religion with anyone. I'll share my lunch, my closet, my living space, my books, my music, anything tangible. But how does one "share" an intangible?

  2. Lady Janus
    we all share our beliefs by how we live...using words only when absolutely necessary:)

  3. Mary G and Lady Janus

    I like both of your styles


  4. Mary, I don't "share" my beliefs. I might demonstrate some part of my chosen path by how I live and respond to others, but my beliefs belong only to me. I wouldn't even know how to start...

  5. But Lady Janus, you are "sharing" your beliefs right now on this blog!
    Sharing your beliefs means telling others (usually your friends) what is in your heart and mind. I dislike immensely the impersonal type of salesman-like "sharing" expressed in the First Things article.


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