02 August, 2010

Taking the summer to reflect upon the beauty of the Mass: Moving from Penance to Praise!

Continuing with my summer reflections on the parts of the mass, I offer this. As we began our Eucharist by acknowledging our sinfulness and total dependency upon the merits of the cross, the faithful are then called to move both interior-ally and externally to the expression of joy and praise in appreciation of God's mercy and love embodied in the Gloria. 

May this holiday Monday be a time when joy and praise fills your heart and life as well as for all whom you love and hold dear.

Fr. Tim


  1. Great series Father.

    It will be a pleasure to share your journey through the Mass.

    God Bless You


  2. thank you Father Tim for sharing your reflections with us. As we journey let all of us pray for each other


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