19 August, 2010

My Little Piece of Heaven!!

Stephen Weigel, son of George & Joan Weigel, was kind enough to take some pictures while taking a tour on the Ottawa River, including this shot of my cottage. Stephen is a professional photographer who is well on his way of eclipsing his father's fame (George is a noted author, biographer of Pope John Paul II and NBC religion commentator) with his spectacular shots.

Next year, Stephen will be producing a multi-media project of Churches and Chapels in Rome. It will include two versions of a book and a DVD. His Facebook page (Stephen Weigel Photography) offers a few albums of his recent work in Canada and the USA.

Thank you Stephen for this gift. It helps to make clear why I so deeply appreciate my little piece of 'heaven on earth' as this photo captures the essence of the peace, quiet and isolation that my humble little cottage offers me.

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  1. it looks so serene Father Tim and i hope you enjoy every moment there:))


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