04 August, 2010

Missing Canadian bishop sends email, says he was in Jerusalem

Bishop James Wingle is a native son of my Diocese. It is good to hear that he is alive and doing well.

Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Missing Canadian bishop sends email, says he was in Jerusalem


  1. Bishop James was our Bishop here in Niagara and we were thrilled to hear he is well and had spent part of his sabbatical prayerfully in the Holy Land. God Bless him.

  2. My gut feeling tells me something is fishy maybe because this Bishop originally comes from Eganville(scandal area)& that sends me up red flags but that is me. Here are other interesting comments from other folks.

    #1. Shoshana says:
    "This is no business of anyone but between the pope and the bishop! Bishop Wingle is very personable and was very much loved by the diocese. Maybe one should walk in his shoes for awhile to understand the pressure and angst that he had to deal with as far as from his fellow priests and us common people. one can judge him all they want…but in the end, who’s business is it? Leave him alone…there is no sexual scandal when it comes to him…our moral charity would ask us to take the high road and stop being critical in this regard. It truly is none of anyone’s business!
    Most people would crumble under the weight that he carried. God bless him and may our loving pope grant us one who is just as lovable…"

    #2. Thomas Says:
    "Coming from the St.Catharines diocese I dont buy Bishop’s Wingle’s note. He was a shepherd who left his flock in the lurch abruptly! Not telling anyone and then sending an email about 4 months later..and claiming he is studying? No I think not….sorry …"

    #3. Sylvia Says:
    "I agree with you Thomas. I must say that I find Wingle’s use of the word “Sabbatical” puzzling. For a bishop any talk of taking a sabbatical would, I would think, denote taking a sabbatical from his duties as bishop with an intent to return – to his duties as a bishop. But, Wingle resigned his post. He will not return, at least not as bishop. So, why the talk of a sabbatical?

    One defintion of sabbatical is “any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, esp. for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.”

    For the past 17 years Wingle’s customary “work” was that of a bishop.

    Why did he use the word sabbatical?

    Another question: Who is financing Bishop Wingle’s costly “sabbatical”?"

    #4. capnk says:
    "This ‘issue’ is getting TOO much press and not even worth the ink. Wingle is on a sabbatical, thats his business. Whats worse is the half-bred comments from people who don’t even understand the church (other than what secular media has spread), yet think that they are the be-all, end-all of ANY and all religious/non-religious knowledge. Anyone with half a brain will know that its not the person (Wingle) that matters here, but rather the leader in that position (for now, Kirkpatrick) that matters."

    #5. getthefactsnow says:
    "Secrecy and mystery cloud a bishop’s sudden disappearance and then re-emergence. Kind of like the behaviour of the church he belongs to."



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