11 August, 2010

AFP: Vatican US child sex abuse cases 'falling apart'

AFP: Vatican US child sex abuse cases 'falling apart'


  1. This man has not only great insights, I for one I'm not surprised with what he said.

    Submitted by Sal, on May. 04, 2010.

    "As one who is a former Roman Catholic Priest who studied at the North American College and the Pontifical Gregorian University. I can say without fault that the bishops have not learned anything over the last 8 years they still think that they are above the law with respect to the issues relating to the sexual abuse of minors and they will still hide these perpetrators of crimes and cater to them even after they have been relieved from ministry with assorted diocesan perks.

    If you compare this to the man who leaves the priesthood for personal reasons, marriage, or disillusionment it is these people who are treated like criminals.

    I can recall instances at the NAC where we were trained and bred to lie and be dishonest simply to avoid confrontation. This attitude was transferred to our parishes after we were ordained. In many ways we were to lie to our people regarding issues that were going on in the parish so as to avoid any confrontation.

    In the parish that I was assigned, there was a pastor, me and another assistant along with another priest who simply lived in the rectory and didn't do anything. You need to know this was 1998 and prior to 2002. Eventually we found out that the priest who did nothing was actually a pedophile who was being hidden by the bishop in our rectory. All he did was take care of a convent of nuns not far from the parish. This is one such example of where we had to lie to avoid confrontation.

    The parishioners knew his status, but we were still told to deny anything about this.

    What I am saying is that to be in the priesthood is tantamount to being in the mafia, you deny everything and eventually you deny your true self and those like myself who left due to disillusionment are shunned and treated like rats.

    If the church and priesthood are to change they would be served well to be truthful in all things especially those relating to the sexual abuse of minors."
    Brace yourself Fr. Tim if you think this exempts our Pembroke Diocese from what is happening around the world. You are sadly mistaking. We all need to keep everybody in prayer & be ready for a very bumpy ride ahead us that may be perpetual.

    I will be away for awhile...you are probably saying to yourself Father...Thank God!.

    Many Blessings to you Fr. Tim!

    Lina (smiling)

  2. as a Catholic i am ashamed at the behaviour, not only of the priests who abused children, but of the Bishops and Cardinals who were responsible for their placement. I am sorry that the Vatican has taken in men like Cardinal Law...what a terrible message that sends...he should be in jail as should all the others in his position that behaved as shamefully as he did. In order to heal the victims and the Church as a whole , at some point, these clergy will have to PUBLICLY admit their wrongdoing and apologize for it. These men need our prayers for the grace to do this and we need to pray for and support all the wonderful clergy whose lives daily reflect Jesus to us.

  3. Lina: I pray that you will be enjoying a holiday and I look forward to your return. Your comments here are always anticipated and most welcome.

    Fr. Tim


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