24 August, 2010

I FINALLY understand what my Dad was trying to tell me!


Friends of mine have just left my cottage after an eight day visit.... Dad, Mom, Hannah (5) , Jocelyn (3) and Olivia (1), together with Zack (Jack Russell Terrier) and Tawney (major league Mutt!) have just pulled out of the driveway on their way home. In their honor (and in eternal thanksgiving for the peace and quiet that has finally returned to my life), I post this video from YouTube entitled "The Dad Life".

Parenthood is most certainly a vocation... because if it wasn't for God's grace... I don't kids would not live to see their 6th birthday!!! 

I finally understand my father who used to call me whenever he came to the end of a visit with the grandkids at his house to tell me that I should be on my knees thanking God everyday for being a celibate!! "I like to see them come" he would say, "but I love to see them go!" Dad... for the first time in my life, I truly understand what you were telling me. You were a wise man!

So, enjoy the video... as I go and fall down on my knees in humble supplication and prayer as I watch the tail lights of their mini-van disappear over the bridge. 

Then... all that's left to do is find all those hiding places where the kids have hidden my books, dishes, DVD's, CD's, TV remote..... (sigh)


  1. WOW! That vid was awesome! LOL! Gotta spread it around to all the dads I know, Tim...they'll get such a boost from it!

    And my mother used to say -- very quietly, when she was completely fed up with offspring shenanigans -- that her maternal instinct was the only thing that kept her from drowning all her children at birth... ;D

  2. This vidoe came from Church on the Move, a happening Church in Tulsa OK. They also have a cool Mommy video, though not as high quality as Dad Life


    The funninest Mom song I have heard is the William Tell Overture sung by Anita Renfroe



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