08 April, 2013

Breaking: DoD Lumps Catholics in with Al Qaeda and KKK as Examples of "Religious Extremism."

Breaking: DoD Lumps Catholics in with Al Qaeda and KKK as Exanples of "Religious Extremism."


  1. Scot Arbuthnot08 April, 2013

    And what, exactly, has the Catholic Church done about this?
    There is no glory for any Bishop in coming out and speaking forcefully against this slander and demonizing.
    The USCCB is just as phoney as the CCSSB is . If you do not believe that, read the Winnipeg Statement promulgated by the CCSSB under Bishop Gervais regarding the use of contraceptives, Priest to be quieted from speaking from the pulpit against contraception, etc. The Congress of Bishops, no matter which Country it is in, is nothing more than a front for Bishops getting together, eating good meals, drinking good Scotch, and sharing sick jokes about how they are keeping the poor and ignorant Parishioners poor and ignorant ! What a bunch of sickos !

  2. In my view the DoD have it wrong but it’s merely a reflection of a ’lump’ , judge and condemn attitude prevalent throughout the world including those who are the subject of ’ being lumped’ here.
    It isn’t in reality the churches ( except superficially) to be wary of , it is rather the well developed roots of ideologies ( which is in direct opposition to the example set by the God of any path of followers.)
    When a church becomes an ideology it quickly closes in on itself and then protecting the order and the ideology become more important than the value of the human beings within and without. That’s what has always been and continues to be what is dangerous and an obstacle to achieving peace not only in the exterior world but also the world within. And not only a peace that means a world without violence or a stillness , but also a peace that comes from being loved, accepted and valued ‘just as you are.’


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