09 April, 2013

Something new: A quote of the day for the New Evangelization

It doesn't matter how we define a 'family', this quote is always true.

 So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family, that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty. All other pacts of love or fear derive from it and are modeled upon it.   


  1. "It doesn't matter how we define a 'family', this quote is always true."

    Isn't one of our debates today (especially south of the border) how we define a family?

    1. Rationalist: Yes it is. But my argument would be that if you consider someone to be a member of your family... then you owe to them a debt of loyalty. What the government or church says is irrelevant to how we should act in affairs of love and familial commitments. At the very least the legal and moral definitions of what constitutes a family are secondary issues at best in determining how to act within families.

      Fr. Tim

    2. Really, Fr. Moyle? You say what the gov't or Church says is irrelevant to how we should ,,,etc.?
      Are you really from Planet Earth?
      I think you are just visiting!

    3. Anon: 1) We're all just visiting. 2) I think you realize that I am using an extended definition more akin to including the intimates of one's life. If you didn't, I suspect that it's due to your hardness of heart.

      Fr. Tim

    4. Maybe you are just trying to show how clever you think you are !

    5. Fr. Tim - I would agree with you on that concept of the family, that we can consider many people to be members of our family, not in any legal way, but through commitment and trust. Alas, some of these bonds can be stronger than "real" family.


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