21 April, 2013

Today's quote for the New Evangelization

"Pray as if everything depended upon God and work as if everything depended upon man."

Francis Cardinal Spellman


  1. Fr. Tim - The Leafs beat the Sens to make the playoffs. It's enough for a Leafs fan to start thinking in Divine interventions,but for a Sens' fan, the intervention is perhaps not that of a good God.

    Cheers, enjoy the day. The expression "It must be spring, the Leafs are out:" refers only to the aboreal kind.

  2. Rationalist: My congrats to the Leafs. It's too bad that this truculent team Brian Burke built couldn't have made it back to the playoffs in time to save his job. The team he built is looking pretty good right now. Hopefully my Sens will make it there as well. Perhaps we'll meet again if both teams survive the first round. If that happens, we'll have to come up with the appropriate wager. ;->

    Fr. Tim

  3. Leafs making it to the second round. What great faith you must have. I too wish Brian Burke was still with them. He wasn't perfect but had a heck of a job getting the Leafs back on their feet.


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