31 March, 2012

‘We Have a Pope,’ Comedic Look at the Vatican - NYTimes.com

‘We Have a Pope,’ Comedic Look at the Vatican - NYTimes.com


  1. You'd think that since there is no way he can now get out of being the Pope for the rest of his life and any way you look at it, he only has a few years left, he might try speaking honestly and doing the right thing.

    What does he have to lose? What could it hurt? His behavior is mystifying.

  2. Personally, the only thing I find mystifying is what point you're trying to make with this comment. I posted it, but only to ask you to clarify your argument.

    Fr. Tim

    1. I just mean that this guy is at the top of the Catholic hierarchy and lived within the clerical institution of the church for most of a very long life.

      He could do a lot to humanize the church by sharing what he really believes with the World publicly. This would be a good thing.

      The fact that Mother Teresa talked publicly about her life long, often unsuccessful struggle maintaining her faith went a long way to reassuring all Catholics that their own frequent doubts and disagreements with the church are normal and have nothing to do with how they are held in God's regard. The Pope could do even more in this respect and usher in a new era for the church. An era when laity are treated by the religious establishment as responsible and rational adults and real partners in the faith, instead of dim witted children who need to be sheltered, cajoled and told fairy stories.

    2. Are you the fairy ?


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