21 March, 2012

Pope to axe Irish bishops accused of sex abuse against minors - Vatican Insider

Pope to axe Irish bishops accused of sex abuse against minors - Vatican Insider


  1. Tim Dooling in Ottawa21 March, 2012

    I hope and Pray the same action will be taken against every Canadian Bishop who has enabled a Priest to continue to abuse, by transferring him to a new Parish.
    These blind shepherds need to be cast out into the netherland of their travesties. They should also forfeit any pension they would have otherwise been entitled to. They are CRIMINALS !

    1. Tim Dooling22 March, 2012

      I just received an item which reports on a convention of the OECTA earlier in the month. It is recorded the convention voted to support the initiatives of the McGuinty govt. in the matter of sex education and gay-straight clubs in Catholic Schools.
      Where, oh! where are the Ontario Bishops on this one?
      Our Archbishop has been noticeably silent on the matter.
      If the Bishops did not spend so much time and money on travelling, mostly out of the Country, they may, (or is this too progressive) be more au courant with matters within their own charges ? They certainly are a puzzling lot !

  2. Some prefer to follow and promote the magisterial teachings of the our popes of secularism. Home schooling or just sending the kids to public school is looking more attractive. At least in public school, they won't be confused or misled into believing the indoctrination they are being fed is rubber stamped by the Church.


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