11 March, 2012

The Reason for Our Hope: Jesus Christ: Meaning for Humanity

The latest from my former Bishop, now Archbishop Richard Smith (Edmonton). His writing style is accessible and his logic and theology is clear and concise. I was blessed to have him as my Ordinary. I always found his homilies and writings to nourishing for mind and soul. This one is no different.

The Reason for Our Hope: Jesus Christ: Meaning for Humanity


  1. We all have bad times in our life and of course we all die, usually old and alone. If Jesus helps you with that Tim, more power to ya. Seems to me Jesus is more about how we live our lives when we are in top form, during the best of times and the kindness and charity that we can show others then.

    Whatever floats your boat, Timmo.

  2. Actually, some people approach their faith quite differently, as we all have done at times. When all of life is swell, without the cross and success is seen on all fronts, who needs God? Of course, the moment times of trouble come along, then we are found on our knees asking why? The good news is that Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us even when we might feel unlovable.

    With respect to the good Archbishop himself and his predecessor, one naturally wonders whether we in our diocese were just rungs on the ladder. Would a passing thought be even made about our present cross and those they left behind, or were we just stepping stones..........sorry for being blunt, but I say only what many feel, but are afraid to utter!


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