09 March, 2012

New York Times ad proof anti-Catholic attacks are fair game: Charles Lewis | Holy Post | National Post

New York Times ad proof anti-Catholic attacks are fair game: Charles Lewis | Holy Post | National Post


  1. Most Catholics stay affiliated with the church because of strong family, cultural and social ties. They hope against hope that the church will change.

    The Church will change and change dramatically. It has before and will again. because the church is an elderly patriarchal autocracy, it changes very slowly.

    Whether most Catholics will leave the church or choose to stay is up to them. I don't think the opinion of the NYT figures into it at all. The Church itself is not going to kick many people out. It antagonizes those that remain rather than chastises them.

    Many people can trace their Catholicism back a thousand years or more. That's not something you just give up because the current crop of priests are poofty wankers.

  2. Reddog, have you been drinking? If you are not, you should be.

    Your anti-Catholic rant is ............. yawn ............so boring. And what exactly did we Catholics do to you in order for you to spew such hate speech?

  3. I am not anti Catholic. I am anti clerical and certainly not limited to Catholic priests. There are some priests I'm very fond of but the Pope keeps shutting them away. Frank Drinan. Tom Reese. Bill Morris. Peter Kennedy.

    You might ask instead of Catholics, what have Catholic priests done to me? You mightn't like the answer. You would likely say I'm lying, then hire lawyers to demean and discredit me. So what's the point, Laddybuck?

    Poofty wanker, indeed.

  4. Understand completely - but remember we have all dealt with some weak and creepy individuals. It doesn't mean they are all the same. I have known men who beaten their wives, girlfriends; sexually assaulted their children or took off so they would not have pay child support. I do not, however, place all men in those categories.

    That's just the fact, indeed.


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