28 March, 2012

Lapsed Catholics explain why they leave church – USATODAY.com

Lapsed Catholics explain why they leave church – USATODAY.com


  1. A religion cannot continue to flourish, at least in these times, when the openly stated basic moral values and spiritual beliefs of most of it's plebian adherents, diverge so widely from those espoused out in the parishes, by it's lowest level of meet and greet, acolytic priest class, as in the Roman Catholic Church, at least in the Western World, today.

    This situation has existed now going into a third generation, since the failure of Vatican II. It is no lie to say that only the elderly remember a time when the clergy were respected and their teachings attended to.

    People have nothing to gain by staying in the church and pay no social penalty for leaving. People continue to take pride in their own Catholic heritage, that of their family and community, continue to self identify as Catholic but do not see the church as a part of a balanced contemporary life.

    1. Mark O'Neil29 March, 2012

      Speak only for yourself ! What audacity that you should even imagine you, so self-absobed, would dare to speak for others.

    2. I read the Bible, follow Jesus, pray to God. How audacious?


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