14 March, 2012

George Weigel: the issue of religious freedom has moved close to home | Holy Post | National Post

George Weigel: the issue of religious freedom has moved close to home | Holy Post | National Post


  1. Most N American Catholics do not agree with the pronouncements of their Pope, bishops or priests and do not live according to them. they have no part in the appointment of their priests or the elevation of those among them into the hierarchy. When I read what you, the select among your brothers and self proclaimed orthodox lay pundits that you publish here I recognize no similarity to the Catholics around me that I know as family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. It seems to me that most of the Catholics I am familiar with no longer have the freedom, according to you guys, to lay claim to their own Catholicism.

    Who gets to say who is Catholic, in word, thought or deed. Not you, Tim. Not anyone except each individual as they live their own life in step with their God. Jesus is big. His church is big. You are only one voice. A bishop is only one voice. A pope is only one voice. None are more or less true because of high ecclesiastic status. You may have a list of those who are first among us. God may also have a list. I doubt it is the same list.

    If people have stopped listening to you, the bishops and the pope, it certainly is significant. It does not mean that society is discriminating against religion. It may mean that there are serious errors with what you are saying. Ask God, he will let you know what is what. I think that is what most people do.

  2. "Most N American Catholics do not agree with......."

    Dog: more hasty generalizations without foundation - so using your logic, when any priest, bishop or the Pope speaks about care for the destitute, food for people in Third World Countries, etc etc - most N American Catholics, do not agree? Is that your blanket logic?


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