02 December, 2011

Centres de Service Canada - Les décorations de Noël interdites

Here is an English translation of this short French article:

There will be no Christmas decorations in the Service Canada Centres this year. These decorations are prohibited.

This is stipulated in a note circulated in early November by the Senior Executive Service of Canada, Marc Simoneau.

According to press reports, the Christmas wreaths, trees and other symbols of the Nativity must be absent from public areas in the service centers.

Officials explained that the measure is to avoid complaints about religious beliefs. There are 118 centers in federal services in Quebec.

Centres de Service Canada - Les décorations de Noël interdites


  1. Why is it we keep hearing that there are comlaints but we never actualy see or hear any complainers ?
    And if there really are people who are offended, why can,t we just talk about it and try to come up with a resolution that treats everybody with dignity and respect.
    Is it not at least a possibilty that some of our "beautiful" traditional ways of public celebration -that has a possitive influence on our spiritual and psychological being- may have a contray effect on another? We are so quick to assume that "they" are complaining because "they" don't like us.Maybe we are wrong but we can never know if we can't listen.
    Evolution has zero effect on truth but the truth does call on us to evolve,change,grow,let go of the dead.
    I'm not suggesting we turn our back on tradition at all, but Life is more important to Jesus than our plans for celebration.

  2. everybody should demand their mail be delivered Christmas and boxing day as gov't not celebrating anything.


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