11 December, 2011

Einstein, Imagination and the New Translation | Crisis Magazine

"What came into the church, in the wake of the second Vatican Council, was an unthinking acceptance of certain tenets of secular modernism – one of the most fundamental and insidious being utilitarianism – or the barbaric belief that what works is good. When this frightening aphorism was unthinkingly stood on its head, not only “what works was good”, but “what is good is that which works”, and consequently the only “Good” became “whatever works”.
Why do I think that there's a logical fallacy in there someplace? I can't remember the proper name, but I call it a 'Stevie Wonder'. It goes like this: Love is blind. Stevie Wonder is blind. Therefore, Stevie Wonder is love. Clearly 'love' is being used analogously, but so is 'works' in this column. One can speak of it as a process (it 'works') and an end in itself (good 'works'). I do not believe that the majority of today's Christians would fail to see that Fr. Longnecker's has indeed committed a 'Stevie'. I doubt that many would consider themselves 'utilitarians' for the reasons this article portents.

Read it for yourself and share your thoughts!

Einstein, Imagination and the New Translation | Crisis Magazine

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