10 December, 2011

CBS News piece on divisions within the American Catholic Chuch. What do you think of their analysis?

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  1. I don't understand why the nuns don't wear their habit anymore, never mention Our Lady or Jesus during interviews, just God as they hear Him/Her.(2 Tim 3:5)

    Of course they have the free will to do this, but why insist on trying to change the teaching and belief of the church, with their new found opinions/experience? Did Jesus foretell that nuns would eventually hold a new deposit of the faith? Jesus said to the Apostles that whoever hears them, hears Him, (Luke 10:16)so was this only for a time, even though we have the Lord's promise that He is with them until the consummation of the world and they are empowered teach others to OBEY what He has taught them? (Matt 28:20)

    Why isn't there one scripture backing up that the authority of the spiritual leaders of the church established by Christ will one day be validly and authoritatively usurped by nuns and laity?

    There are prophecies about people turning from sound doctrine and believing all kinds of heresies, according to the itchiness of their ear's desires!!!(Never realised ears could be so cunning....) Also prophecies about false Christs as well.(2 Tim 4:3)

    The rosary dispels heresy. Do nuns still pray it? If not, why not? The argument that we are now in the 21st Century makes me smile. Do we really imagine we have evolved beyond the need to have our will's surrendered, in order to stop them running riot? Mine hasn't, it's a daily battle. As we look around the world, do we see positive progress in the actions flowing from the human hearts of man/womankind that lead us to conclude that we can now all make up our own minds regarding faith and morals? And once again, if so, if this is truly where the Holy Spirit is leading us, why is this not prophesied in scripture?

    An outpouring of the Spirit on all flesh, yes, but also to obey our spiritual leaders, to make their job easy for them, as they will have to give an account for us, on judgment day.(Hebrews 13:17)

    Nuns and the 21st Century laity will give their own accounts, one presumes? They will declare their own sins forgiven? Without the keys to unlock forgiveness? How is that going to be possible?

    Peter and his successors have been given the keys, they still decide who and what is loosed or bound on earth as in heaven. I like to believe this means priests can loose non-Catholics as well, but that might be me going into the realms of make believe so I won't go any further with that thought.


    Nothing else will save the Church from the spread of these errors, I believe.


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