29 August, 2011

A request for prayers for a departed priest

High Altar at St. Alphonus Parish where Fr. Alfie was pastor for many years
Fr. Alfie T. Harrington, who was my pastor when I was the assistant priest in St.  Alphonsus Parish in Chapeau, Qc. has died this morning. I was also privileged to follow him as pastor of that same parish.

Fr. Alf was a priest of the 'old mode'... but he was an excellent priest as well. I would ask you please to pray for the repose of his soul. I believe he will be well received by God, but we could all use the spiritual assistance for none of us die as saints.

Please remember him in your prayers.   Fr. Tim


  1. We are all going to miss Fr. Harrington...True he was "old school" but an amazing man. He was very understanding to the fact that times were changing, as was the younger generations ways of thinking. He may not have agreed with many of things that were changing and happening but never made us feel as though we were bad for living them or the choices we made. He always made us feel welcome and always had a very warm greeting for those he had not in years. He was very much loved by the people of the parish....

    Angie Allard

  2. Angie: ABSOLUTELY!! He was a model for me in his dedication and commitment to serve his parishioners, even to the point of endangering his own health and welfare. I keep pointing to the fact that he continued working past his retirement age because of his commitment to his parishioners in Chapeau, Waltham, Desjardinsville and Nichabeau.

    Fr. Tim


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