22 August, 2011

Gone for a few days. Back on the 26th!!

Folks, I'll be absent from the blog for the next six days as I head off for my annual retreat. This year I am heading deep into the woods of Northwestern Quebec once again to spend five days alone in a cabin where none of the usual distractions of the outside world can interfere with the spiritual conversations that take place during such a poustinia.* 

With my Kindle loaded with spiritual material to read and refer to, and together with my trusty canine sidekick, Mateo, I'll journey about 300 km (most of it on logging roads) to reach my poustinia cabin. The last five miles will be by boat, courtesy of the cabin's owner who will return on Friday morning to bring me back as the retreat comes to a close. I'll spend five days and nights on an uninhabited lake in prayer, study and rest. Five days when the only person who will be able to reach me is God. 

It will be heaven. 

I ask your prayers during the week ahead. That I will listen well and heed the wisdom that God reveals within me during these days dedicated to He and I alone. You will all be remembered in my prayers and masses throughout the week. 

Fr. Tim

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  1. Enjoy, Tim. I just got back from a camping trip, myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet of being surrounded by Nature instead of Noise!


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