01 August, 2011

Preserving Our Faith: +Dolan (NY) answers the cries for 'reform' from within and outside of the Church

Archbishop Tim Dolan (NY) posted this excellent article on his blog addressing the current spate of cries calling for radical 'reforms' or 'harmonization' of Church teaching to current mores. 

Gotta love these JPII & B16 appointments to the episcopate. Some have failed to make the grade but many have excelled at 'preaching, governing and sanctifying' the Church and effectively engaging with modern culture at the same time. +Dolan, +Chaput in the US, +Smith, +Prendergast, +Henry and +Collins in Canada are a few who rank  among the best of them! What ever they offer is well worth reading for any serious Catholic.

Preserving Our Faith « The Gospel in the Digital Age

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