10 June, 2011

Weiner, Vitter and Others' 'Unforgivable' Behavior - NYTimes.com

'Weiner-gate'? Really? That's what's dominated the news these past few days?

Evidently not much happened in the world in my days of isolation far away from all the news and social media (a.k.a. ... paradise) if a congressman 'sexting' and sending close-ups of his loaded briefs is a lead story, at least according to Jon Stewart of the 'Daily Show'. (What a 'joy' it was that the first thing I saw on TV after four days of isolation, prayer and rest was the introduction of his 'C#ck Wheel'. Five minutes of incessant penis humor to satirize this current American fixation was all I could take before turning off the TV and diving into another book!)  The end of the world is surely not too far off if the dominant culture and government in the world can be preoccupied with such puerile 'news'. It seems that whenever a politician moves 'below the belt line' they captures the American public's attention (or at least their media) to the virtual exclusion of almost everything else: Monica Lewinsky's 'servicing' of Bill Clinton as an intern in the Oval Office, Barack Obama's conception and birth and now this congressional fool sending photo's of his 'package' to women on the internet.

Yikes! It's already got me yearning to return to the peace and tranquility of the fishing cabin that I just left yesterday.

Weiner, Vitter and Others' 'Unforgivable' Behavior - NYTimes.com

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  1. It seems that reporters don't have much on their radar if this is the story they go after. It doesn't matter what else is happening in the world - there is a sex scandal that needs to be covered! this just shows society's complete preoccupation with all things sexual.


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