20 June, 2011

Unnatural Selection: The War Against Girls - WSJ.com

Many feminists demand the unfettered right to having the state pay for their abortion if they so choose yet seem to ignore the nasty reality that it is the female gender rights that are suffering as a result of abortions worldwide. I appreciate the lessons taught to me by my feminist friends that men and women do not necessarily comprehend the world in the same way, but it baffles my sense of logic to understand how the establishment of males of the species in an even more dominant position in terms of numbers than they have now is in the benefit of woman's rights in the long term. The demographic costs would seem to threaten the equality gains that woman's rights advocates have won in the past 100 years within the west, especially in light of the rising tide of Islamic immigrants throughout Europe, North America and Africa.

Book Review: Unnatural Selection - WSJ.com

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