16 June, 2011

Collateral damage - Boston.com

The sad story of a priest who was falsely accused of sexual abuse.

Collateral damage - Boston.com


  1. Father Tim...thank you for posting this...I suspect many a good priest has had his life ruined as soon as the church started to make payments and people saw it as a way to make home ownership or retiremnet made easy...1 offending priest is 1 too many but i have never believed the number was what has been reported. May God bless the victims and the offending clergy and all the wonderful clergy who continue to pay daily for the sins of a few.

  2. Anonymous16 June, 2011

    This is such a sad story. We would like to believe that this will not happen again, but in today's world where financial gain is more important than the destruction of a man's good name, this will not be the last case we read about.
    Rest in peace Fr. Murphy, safe in the arms of Our Lord....prayers....


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