18 June, 2011

About Fr. John Corapi with observations about our times | Fr. Z's Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Fr. John Corapi
Fr. John Z. offers what I think is the best reaction to the announcement by Fr. Corapi that he is leaving the priesthood. He writes as someone who doesn't personally know Fr. Corapi but understands the pressure and temptations that afflict priests all the time. Together with Deacon Greg's column (which proceeds this article) one can get a sense as to the range of reactions to the decision of Fr. Corapi to leave the priesthood in the wake of the allegations leveled against him by one of his employees.

If I can draw one other inference or lesson from this, it would be that once again we see the corrupting influence of wealth. Fr. Corapi was awarded millions of dollars in a civil action he launched against a doctor in the USA. This must have given him a certain independence that seems to have fueled his inflated sense of self-worth, leading him for example to now call his followers 'fans' who will 'follow him' into his new venture as a 'Black Sheepdog' of the faith (whatever that's supposed to mean).

Irrespective, Fr. John's request for prayers for Fr. Corapi (and for all priests!) is the best way to respond to this entire affair.

About Fr. John Corapi with observations about our times | Fr. Z's Blog – What Does The Prayer Really Say?


  1. Anonymous18 June, 2011

    Celebrity and The Priesthood just don't mix.
    Prayers for those who found solace in his ministry, they must be feeling pretty confused right now.
    In the spirit of charity prayers for whatever path he chooses to follow.

  2. something in this whole story dosen't pass the smell test...one of the most valuable posessions we have is our good name...why is he willing to walk away without ever trying to clear his name? I think we only know a smidgeon of the story and i agree he needs our prayers as i suspect he is hurting to the core of his soul.

  3. MaryG, I agree there is something fishy about that whole Fr. Corapi thing.
    He is not a happy camper especially blasting the Church leaders. Anyway...here is what Fr. Corapi said:

    "I accept moving on, but I am not ready to be altogether extinguished just yet," Corapi added. He said he will continue to write and speak publicly on "broader" topics under the name "The Black Sheep Dog."

    He also announced an autobiography that is "almost ready for publication."

    I guess his book will tell us more?

  4. Lina...i will not be buying his book unless he tells me EVERY cent from it will go to feed the hungry and clothe the naked...he is a very wealthy man. Another thing that disturbs me about him is that he is the only priest i know of who seems to need a fan club....most priests just want us to be fans of Jesus and to go out and love and serve Him in our neighbor.

  5. If we look at the history of the Church, we find that fame and the priesthood definitely *do* mix. So many saints had huge followings because their preaching and holy life drew people to them. Nothing wrong with that.

    With regards to defending his name, he made it clear that he does not feel able to do so within he context of the priesthood. Rightly or wrongly, perhaps he is leaving the priesthood precisely so that he can discuss the matter more freely and pursue it in a civil court where he feels he has a better chance of being heard.

    Let's please not jump to conclusions and gossip. Rather, pray for him, all priests and bishops.

  6. IN the latest book about Padre Pio,(Padre Pio under investigation) it is stated that the most critical issues in viewing Padre's life were his humility and obedience. Without those two virtues, sanctity cannot flourish. That rings true to me.
    In light of that, I find the Fr. Corapi news disturbing to say the least. I would hope that he would exhibit both humility and obedience. Without those, he will be the blind leading the blind, no matter what his talents.

  7. Anonymous19 June, 2011

    The man is a fabulous speaker but one thing about his ministry always bugged me. A visit to his website showed nothing was free.
    There was lots of his talks available if you had the cash to buy them, and they were certainly not cheap. He almost seems to treat his homilies like a rock star treats his music rather than someone with a earnest desire to reach as many souls as possible.
    It will be interesting to see what he has planned for this new ministry he is pursuing and what develops from it.



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