19 June, 2011

My Ex-Gay Friend - NYTimes.com

A fascinating article from the New York Times Magazine...

My Ex-Gay Friend - NYTimes.com


  1. This so call my Ex-Gay Friend may be bi-sexual?

    Anyway, it may take this poor guy another twenty years before he figures out who he really is?

    I just do not know. I'm no expert.

    Many years ago. I have this strong Catholic friend who I told about my son being gay.

    She told me she would pray for us all. She had send me a story about a gay male who changed and became straight. She wanted me not to give up on prayer and God would changed my gay son to becoming straight, etc...

    I told my son about this friend of mine from church.

    I never forgot his calm reply to me about that male that is an ex-gay now:

    "Mom, good for him but that is not me."

  2. Anonymous24 June, 2013

    Mike is living proof you don't need "harmful reparative therapy" to go from being gay to straight. He chose his path all by himself and no liberal has the right to attack his "choice". Mike has a voice and a right to his feelings. No Liberal has a right to shut it off, no matter how threatening his testimony might be to their agenda.


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