27 April, 2011

Here is a hard-hitting article on the Resurrection as it relates to the Problem of Evil. From Fr. Ron Rolheiser

Ron Rolheiser - Speaker, Columnist and Author

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  1. Larry Green27 April, 2011

    St Thomas Aquinas said that " God creates evil insofar as it is attached to good."

    From his message it appears to me that Fr. Ron's God has sacrificed His only son to save the saints.This sounds like a God who say's "if you change I will love you" or " if you love me I will love you".It is a vision of God in this world seen from this world.
    God became human in order to break down the barriers that prevent us from seeing the world within. Jesus leads us gently to the Lazarus within to where amidst the stench of decay and death He resides and it is there that He awaits to greet us to lead us back out again into a world with a newly discovered love,light and vision.
    In the capacity of the human intellect we may begin to understand certain things about truth and about love but in the capacity and 'silence'of the human heart we can immerse ourselves into them. It is through the ego defying descent into the dark and pain that we become united and enlightned to the essence of life itself (I AM) within ourselves and in others.


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