11 April, 2011

Kindling favour with an Internet gadget I actually like | Afterword | National Post

My Kindle is my favorite electronic toy. I use it everyday to read everything from the Bible and biographies to 'who done it?' to 'how does it work?' books of science, philosophy and theology. Not only are ebooks more convenient to purchase, but they have the added benefit of being much cheaper than their print editions. Given the substantial economies of savings with the elimination of the production costs associated with having to publish on paper, shipping and handling costs, (not to mention the fact that bookstores will become superfluous if ebooks become the norm) it is understandable that cost savings would be expected by the consumer.

I've taken it everywhere: on fishing trips into the bush or 8 - 10 days (without exhausting a fully charged battery even though I read 8-12 hrs a day) and visits to the doctors office (great way to kill time waiting). Unlike ipads and smart phones, it is not 'backlit' and is no harder on the eyes than a paper edition - a common problem with any LCD screen. eInk doesn't fatigue the eyes and can be read in bright sun or with normal reading light. For me, it's a 'Win-Win' scenario... the one electronic device I would never want to be without.

Kindling favour with an Internet gadget I actually like | Afterword | National Post

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  1. Bookstores become superfluous? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!@!

    That would also mean the publishing business would come tumbling down, and along with it, all those jobs...printers, binders, editors, agents... I got friends in all those professions; what would they do?



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