23 April, 2011

14 Do s and Don ts for Blog Commenting | Blogs | NCRegister.com

Charles Lewis, religion editor of the Holy Post blog recently closed down the comment function of the blog because of a plethora of inappropriate comments. Perhaps he should post this article from the NC Register for all his readers and then pray that at least the majority of these rules might be respected. At the very least, this post is a reminder that just because people can post anonymous comments on line does not mean that they can violate the rules of civil discourse.

Since I moderate comments on this blog, this is not too much of an issue. It permits me to keep 'trolls' off the blog... although they do try. (eh, Johnny?) 

14 Do s and Don ts for Blog Commenting | Blogs | NCRegister.com


  1. That's a pretty good list, and I think I've seen something very like it somewhere else. The only quibble I have is with #13 -- "love and kindness" often do not get one's message across. But it can be replaced with, "Remember that printed words alone do not reflect any humor you may intend -- always telegraph your laugh factors with such things as smiley tags or web-accepted abbreviations like, "lol."


  2. As long as people know what the abbreviations mean. There's a story of the woman who thought "lol" meant "lots of love" and wondered why her email to a friend about the death of her cat was met with stoney silence.


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