21 April, 2011

An Easter Question

Someone suggested I post the following question during these Holy Days of the Easter Triduum:

Who wiped the face of Jesus on the way to Golgotha?

Know the answer?


  1. Like the Woman at the Well none of the Gospels names this woman of courage. I decided to google the name Veronica...which is the name given to her by Holy Mother Church...and i found 2 meanings for the name...one said it came from the latin meaning "true image" and the other said it meant "victory bearer". i like the first 1 best..on the cloth she used tradition say Jesus left the imprint of His face...was He telling us that, if we go to Him by serving our neighbor that He will leave His image on us so we are a constant reflection of Him to all we meet. I think she , like the woman at the well, represents all of us so her name is really her message.


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