30 November, 2010

The Way of the Fathers » Eusebius Vindicated?

The Way of the Fathers » Eusebius Vindicated?


  1. We know that Christians were strong enough in Alexandria in 415 AD, to tear Hypatia apart in public, limb from limb, with impunity.

  2. "'It probably resulted from a change of religion, and the only change of religion was the arrival of Christianity.'"

    That was one helluva leap! "Head orientation" probably doesn't mean anything of the sort. It might simply have to do with whoever was Pharoah at the time.

    "... numerous artifacts that Griggs suspects are the oldest-known pieces of Christian iconography in the form of crosses, fish and figurines."

    Suspects? Only suspects? And yet someone is willing to swallow that Christianity invented the fish and cross symbols? Boy, do I have a piece of beachfront property...

    "... terra cotta figurines depicting a maternal, possibly Mary-like figure..."

    In Egypt, that would be Isis. And if she's holding a baby, that would be Horus. And, while the mythological histories of Mary are similar to Isis, and the mythologies about both Jesus and Moses are similar to Horus, they are not, in fact, the same. Not exactly.

    As for what that mob did to Hypatia...well done! Setting the tone for the religious tolerance of the Crusades in centuries to come!

    Anyone else want to sneer at Islam's being called "the religion of Peace (which it is not, btw)?"


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