23 November, 2010

I need prayers!


I've been discharged from the hospital after a sudden illness that befell me on Sunday evening. I feel like death warmed over and have been ordered to keep myself isolated for the next 7-10 days (with 4 X daily trips back to the hospital for Ventolin treatments). 

PLEASE remember me in your prayers as I struggle to get back on my feet.

Thank you.

Fr. Tim


  1. Out-patient Ventolin four times a day? I don't like the sound of that, Tim. Please tell us it's not COPD!

    And you have my version of prayer, as always, with an extra boost.

  2. I sure hope you feel better real soon Fr. Tim.

  3. Actually, the doctors were surprised that it was not COPD as I am a smoker. It's a return of something that afflicted me as a child: an inability of my immune system to respond to infections. Last year I was put into isolation at the hospital when I was diagnosed with H1N1 - only to surprise them then when the virus was later diagnosed as the plain old run of the mill seasonal flu which my body didn't fight against.

    Back then, my mother (an RN) used to describe it as my lacking the cancer gene - that trigger of an out of portion response that grew into a malignancy.

    It hasn't been an issue for me since I hit adolescence, but prior to that I used to receive a penicillin shot three times a week as a prophylactic - until that is I went into an full out allergic reaction - because even the slightest cut would inevitably become infected and the simplest cold was a major health event. I very much hope that I am not revisiting those days. They are NOT remembered fondly.

    As a friend of mine would say.... 'jeesh!'

    Fr. Tim

  4. Hey, Fr Tim, hope you're feeling better real soon. Prayers, Julie

  5. Tim,

    I will pray for you also. Those kinds of things are no fun. I thought you had been kind of quiet on here lately and was beginning to wonder what was going on.


  6. Father Tim
    As always u are in my prayers...hugggs

  7. Get lots of rest and take care of yourself Fr. Tim!

  8. Fr. Michael Smith24 November, 2010

    You have my prayers as well, Tim.

  9. Step #1 : QUIT SMOKING

  10. Father Tim:

    You have been in my prayers for some time, and specifically in the last few days.




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