04 November, 2010

Are we ready to die with dignity? - The Globe and Mail

Are we ready to die with dignity? - The Globe and Mail


  1. We will all die with dignity if we remember that we are all God's children and He has redeemed us by the gifts of His Death and Resurrection. Death does not change these permanent gifts...it only changes the milieu where we will live for all eternity. That is my faith and my hope as a Catholic.

  2. "Dignity," like all other emotion-based attributes, is personal, individual, and subjective. It is something we each invent for ourselves and carry with us, and it will mean completely different things to different people. But it's not transferable from one person to another. What is undignified for one person (tipping ass-over-teakettle and skirts-over-head into a snowbank, for example) may simply be an oopsie moment full of humor for another.

    But the article makes sense in that if we do not take these decisions into our own hands while we can be judged perfectly lucid and fully capable of making them for ourselves, we might end up in final care of someone who thinks our "dignity" means not screaming from being in a lot of pain, when all we really want is clean sheets!

  3. Michael,

    "Your question is too vague and there is not enough space to answer it regardless. Besides you know the answer, and it is not pertinent to this blog posting.

    Oh Heck!!

    Wayne, We Christians live in a Monarchy, and would do well to remember that it is not a democracy, nor a meritocracy. As such, it cannot be Reformed externally. You cannot pick and choose beliefs daily, and think you have the answer, only to go someplace else tomorrow because they have the answer. It is no more a buffet than it is a democracy.

    As long as Christians vote with their feet, instead of listening to their hearts, we cannot be one, as we have been called to be by Our Saviour."

    This seems like an older article which has not been used for some time. And it is somewhat related to the question of where we spend eternity.

    Why are you being evasive Michael? Isn't it a reasonable question to ask what you are putting your faith in for remission of sins or forgiveness of sins? After all, doesn't the Bible teach nobody can go to heaven without forgiveness of sin?

    You said "you cannot pick and choose beliefs". Quite true. I don't think I am doing that.
    That raises the question of what is a true church? What is true unity?

    Is a true church simply a collection of people who hold membership in an earthly organization and subscribe to the same set of beliefs regardless whether those beliefs cannot be supported by God's written revelation to man? Can one be sure a church is the true church simply because it has a vast number of members (many of who do not attend it)?

    Or is the true church a work of God made up of born again christians who collectively subscribe to the true beliefs revealed in God's written revelation and are made up of both a visible church (on earth today) and an invisible church (down through the ages)?

    Is spiritual unity mean oneness in Christ or does it mean oneness in a man-made hierarchical corporate organization? Is there a difference? (hint: Check 1 John ch1 vs3)

    When Christ spoke about unity in John chap.17 was he speaking about a spiritual unity in Christ or in an earthly corporate unity?

    Again, what are you putting your faith in for remission of sins and on what basis? Do you have complete remission of sins now?


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